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Juli 2024

Hands-on course

TopJet clix Distalizer

These courses are aimed at giving a personalized explanation to orthodontists and orthodontic labs, who want to expand their knowledge with skeletal anchoring treatment.

Each course involves 10 hours of participation, with the combination of theoretical and practical workshops.

Course Objective:

Participants will learn how to:

  • Insert mini-screws in the anterior palate
  • Integrate the mini-screws with the TopJet Distalizer
Course agenda:

1. In-Depth Theoretical Knowledge

  • Communicate and explain the theoretical background to insert secured application of palatal mini-screws and skeletal anchorage.

2. Active observation

  • Patients will be present, and treatment application will be visible with a livestream screen. All details can be closely observed guided by an orthodontist specialist. The treatment application includes miniscrews insertion and removal with the anchorage treatment.

3. Hands-on workshops

  • Practice of mini-screws insertion on typodonts guided by specialized orthodontists. This is the most crucial step to gain practical experience.

4. Room for Questions & Discussion

  • Time to process all the new knowledge acquired, and clarify doubts. Questions to the specialists, and discussions about the cases that were presented during the course.

 Dr. Heinz Winsauer



This course will be  soon available again.

For didactic reasons the number of participants is limited! Participants will be accepted in order of receipt of payment. The price includes 20% tax..

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